Updates on Anthony

June 1st 2013

We had an amazing photo shoot with Jen Van Riper Photography. Here are a few pictures she took of us. I highly recommend here if you live in the Portland area in Oregon! 

Photo: Thank you Jen Van Riper Photography for your amazing work to support LIFEmilk. Here is Anthony and family out side OHSU! Jen does amazing work and we are so thankful for her time love and support with Lifemilk and her support for babies like Anthony to get the breast milk they need so much. THANK YOU
 Photo: Amazing picture of Anthony taken by Jen Van Riper

 May 29, 2013

Baby Anthony has a big day today!! His family are up at OHSU and not only with medical appointments but also therapy. They are also doing a professional video and photo shoot for LIFEmilk. Yecenia, Anthonys mommy is helping to launch and none profit milk bank for families like theirs that have been turned down by normal milk banks. You will be able to get a sneak peek at photos form the shoot at Jen Van Riper Photography. Jen has volunteers to be LIFE milk photography and give her time and heart to go to OHSU and shoot Baby Anthony and FAMILY! Please feel free to like her page and watch for preview!!! HOW AMAZING IS ANTHONY AND HIS FAMILY!! For this amazing family to be faced with such struggles but still take the time to support and encourage and empower those to help other babies like Anthony is amazing!

May 28, 2013

At the Portland Mall with his sister. Anthony is a week from being 2 years old. We have many appointments this week. He is going to be seen by CDRC for a swallowing test, Endocrinologist, and Optomologist  We will also be giving his some Anat Baniel Method therapy. :) 

Photo: At the Portland mall. Anthony has therapy and doc appointments all week

 May 8, 2013

Anthony's Fundraiser to help raise funds for his therapy.

Photo: Anthony's Applebee's Fundraiser Flyer Update

 April 29, 2013

We are looking for a licensed CPA who is willing to volunteer some time to help a brand new milk bank. They want to become a legal 501(c)(3), and need assistance making sure that everything is done properly with the IRS.

If anyone here is willing to help, please email me at yeceniababy1@gmail.com 

 April 12, 2013

 Anthony is doing amazing. We have been trying to raise funds to help with Anthony's therapy that the insurance does not cover. About 3 weeks ago we went to Portland to try the Anat Baniel Method (therapy). We are trying to raise funds to go to San Rafael were the main clinic is at; however, 10 sessions (1 week) cost $3000 which does not include expenses. As most of you know Anthony has cerebral palsy and has very delayed motor skills as well as he is blind. We saw Kathy and Johanna up in Portland and they each gave Anthony two sessions of therapy. After the first session, I noticed that he was able to tolerate more laying down but nothing else. About 2 weeks later, Anthony did something that I never thought he could do. He was sitting on my lap while I was holding his hands to make sure he didn't fall and out of nowhere he stood up. I was so shocked and amazed that I just started crying. His face was priceless. He looked so proud of what he had done. He only lasted about a second and then sat down but a few seconds later he did it again. He did this for about 5 times. The next day he did it again but this time he would stand for about 5 seconds. 3 days ago he was able to stand for 23 seconds with little support from me. I can't express how this made me feel. I can't believe that with only 4 sessions he advanced so much. After hotel, food, gas, and therapy we spent approximately $1000 and worth every single penny! My co-worker has donated a few necklaces that we will raffle each week to help with Anthony's therapy. I will be posting a picture of the necklace here. Tickets are $5 dollars and it can be paid via Paypal: jewelrybylane@aol.com. If you are from out of town and you win I will mail you the necklace. I thank everyone for all your prayers and best wishes. Lots of love -Yecenia

April 8, 2013

Anthony lost a lot of weight while he was sick. He was near 24 lbs and now he is only 20 lbs. We have been giving him breast milk and are now going to supplement with a new formula called PediaSmart that has no corn syrup. This formula is all organic, non-gmo and comes from natural ingredients. I hope it helps. 

 March 24, 2013

Anthony is 22 months and for the first time in his life he has a cold. I truly believe that the donated breast milk has helped my son from the cold and flu.   He has thrown up 13 times, he is coughing, sneezing, and has a runny nose. What should I give him? This is the first time my baby is sick and don't know what to do

 March 17, 2013

Happy Family!!!!

 February 17, 2013

I need some help. I have found this great therapy for Anthony called Anat Baniel Method however, the insurance will not cover the therapy. It may help Anthony with his Cerebral Palsy and Vision Impairment, I have heard great results. I really want to take Anthony to this therapy; however, this is extremely expensive at $3000 for one week as a Mother I really want to try everything possible to help my son. As many of you know Anthony was born without the Corpus Callosum, and very damaged optic nerves ( he can only see some light at this moment), and he has cerebral palsy. He is almost 2 years old and he still can't roll, walk, or crawl. I will be doing some fundraisers online and locally and would love your help with ideas and/or help setting them up. Please if anyone can help with even a dollar I would really appreciate it. I will start posting things online to sell and I can ship it if needed. Thank you in advance for reading this. Sending lots of hugs.
Fundrazr for Anthony:


 January 23, 2013

 It has been crazy since sister Nayeli come to his world. Anthony is now 23 lbs and still a very happy baby. He still is unable to keep down any solids but we are trying. I was hoping that I would be able to feed Anthony my breast milk but unfortunately I am only able to produce enough to feed Nayeli and I haven't even able to freeze any. I take all the supplements you can possible think. In regards to his milestones, he is still unable to crawl, walk, or sit but we are paying for extra physical therapy so now he has 2 a week and we are seeing some improvements. He is starting to hold his bottle for 5 seconds or so and like always he is just a happy smiling baby. His sister has scared him a few times with her loud cries. He can't see so when he hears her cry he jumps and than laughs. He is going to be a great older brother. The best thing is that he mimics Nayeli's cries so he has learned a few more words like ulla and ahhhhhhh it's cute hearing both of them talk at the same time.Anthony has not used his Mickey (Feeding Tube) since November 16th. All feedings have been done via mouth! If he keeps this up they will remove his tube in less than a year! He is still thriving on Donors MILK!!!

 November 27, 2012

Anthony is a BIG BROTHER. Welcome Nayeli to this world.
Photo: Miguel: THERE SHE IS! NAYELI!
Thank you for your support!

Photo: Miguel: Here are both of them sleeping! AAAWWwww!Photo: Anthony and baby sis


 October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!. Someone got a little tired after trick or treating.

Photo: Here is another photo. After a long Halloween night.

November 3, 2012

. Thank You Everybody for your support you provided for him. He is doing great and overcoming obstacles.
Photo: Miguel: New Baby Anthony Photo Smiling and Growing. Thank You Everybody for your support you provided for him. He is doing great and overcoming obstacles.

 October 19, 2012

Finally good news. The eeg test came back and Anthony does not have seizures!

 October 13, 2012

Unfortunately he was not cooperating in the eye exam, he didn't even blink when the doctor put light in his eyes. I feel like he was zoned out because I have seen Anthony look at objects for a second or two and I know he is light sensitive because when we turn on the light he will rub his eyes; however, at the doc appt he acted like he couldn't see at all. The doctor said that he won't need glasses because his eyes are really good almost 20/20 vision the problem is the optic nerve is too thin/cloudy so it's not sending the images to his brain or his brain is not sure what to do with the images. I am hopeful that in time Anthony's brain will get stronger and he will be able to do things that surpass doctors expectations. I am so blessed to have such an angel in my life and I love him just the way he is. We will try everything in our power to give him the resources he needs. Thank you everyone for all the wishes and prayers. I will upload a picture of Anthony soon.

 October 10, 2012

Wow, we have had a busy week. Anthony had an EEG test on Tuesday morning, the doctor's will find out if he is having seizures as well as to see if his brain is growing properly. Today Anthony had an appt at the Endocrinologist to see if his pituitary gland is working properly. Thankfully the doctor said that he is gaining the right amount of weight and his gland is producing the right amount of hormones so she did not do any blood test. Tomorrow we head to Portland because Anthony has a vision test on Friday morning to see if he has any vision. I am really hopeful and pray that the doctor gives us good news. I will keep everyone posted.

 September 27, 2012

Anthony's appointment never goes as we hope for. Anthony was doing good on rice cereal and then he stopped peeing and having stomach issues. The doctor said he was allergic to the rice cereal. Today Anthony had his 15 month follow up and the doctor said that she thinks Anthony is having seizures and that they need to do an e.e.g. Test where we need to spend the night in Medford. Thankfully she doesn't think they are too bad so the doctor will be scheduling the appt in the next few weeks instead of sending us there now.

 August 29, 2012

Anthony is doing great he recently had his 6 month review at Early intervention. He still isn't where we wanted to be but he is improving. He can hold his head a little better, He can sit up for about 2 seconds on his own, he still hasn't learned how to roll but we are working on that. The great news is he is eating more by mouth about 3 1/2 oz out of 4, so hopefully soon we won't be needing to use the feeding tube at all. We have a Portland appointment on October 12th. I really want to meet the moms and dads to personally thank them and just see you guys so I was hoping we can meet on Saturday October 13 at a park in Portland and maybe have a Potluck and just hang out. Please let me know if anyone is interested in this. I will be about 7 1/2 months pregnant so this might be one of the last Portland trips in awhile. Well thank you everyone for all the love and support!!!

 August 21, 2012

As a donor allot of your Angle moms came together to not only help with milk but network for us. What was your feeling as a donor and your experience in Networking (( internet,friends,family and community )) taking the time out of your own life to reach out and share anthonys story and help him find the angles hes needs. Please share how u amazing moms came together to not only share milk but give Anthony a voice........

 July 19, 2012

Here she is! Nayeli Marcelina Rodriguez our newest family member. I can't wait to see you and hold you. 

Photo: Here she is! Anthony's new little sister!

 July 18, 2012

My internet at home is very slow. Anthony is doing great he is now 18 lbs and 3 oz woohoo! He still throws up about 2 to 3 times a day, I don't know why poor baby. I will be finding out if I am having a baby girl or boy tomorrow in Medford, OR, I will be trying to pick up milk tomorrow if anyone has some. Please let me know if there is any milk for Anthony. Thank you everyone for all your help!!!

 June 27, 2012

Hi, I am so sorry for not updating. I didn't realized how long it had been since an update. Anthony is doing so good he is cooing and smiling like always. We will be in Portland on Monday 07/02/2012. I will upload pics soon of anthony. Great news Anthony is starting to use his legs more he used to not move them as much and put no weight now he puts some weight and I can see him improving. Lets pray for no wheel chair ever !

 June 5, 2012

Anniversary, Birthday, and …
3 years ago on 06/05/2009 I married my soul mate. I could never ask for someone better than my husband Miguel Angel Rodriguez, he is caring, passionate, loving, and just a sweetheart like any marriage we have our ups and downs but no one makes me laugh as much as my husband. I am so proud to call him MY HUSBAND! 2 years later my beautiful son was born on our wedding anniversary what an amazing gift that was. Anthony Alexander Rodriguez was born on 6/5/2011 weighting 6 lbs 5 oz, he is now 1 year old. How did I ever live without him? I can’t picture my life without my two amazing man. And now I very happy to announce that we will be adding a new member to our amazing family. I have recently found out that I am expecting another angel to our family. Sometimes things happen when you least expect it but we are here with open hands and can’t wait to see our new baby. We will be expecting our beautiful angel on December 3rd 2012. Anthony will be a big brother! WOW! This last 3 years of been amazing…I love you all three of you!

 Photo: Miguel: My Treasures! The Cause and what makes the gears of my life spin!
Mis Tesoros! La Causa y lo que hace que los engranes de mi vida giren!

 May 19, 2012

Yesterday was really tough. Anthony has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and will be needing a wheel chair. This has been really hard for me to accept but like always we will fight for him and do anything we can. We will be traveling again to Medford, Eugene, and Portland.

 May 4, 2012

Anthony will be 11 months tomorrow, one more month until he turns 1!!! He had therapy yesterday and he was able to sit on his own for 6 seconds!!! He has never done that, he still doesnt roll or use his legs but I am seeing so much improvement in so little time. I can't wait for him to start sitting on his own, however he struggles to hold his head up. Thank you everyone for all the prayers!

 April 26, 2012

Anthony weighting 16 lbs 2 oz he is a week away from turning 11 months. He is just on donated Breast Milk. 

Photo: Anthony weighting 16 lbs 2 oz he is a week away from turning 11 months.

 April 16, 2012

 We got back from Portland at 2 in the morning, a long trip for sure. Anthony is doing so good he know weights 15 lbs 4 oz!!! We will be in Arcata this weekend 04/14/2012 for Anthony's fundraising event (thank you everyone who has helped set this up). We will be back in Portland on Friday 04/20/2012 for his 5 week mickey follow up and his ophthalmologist test to see if Anthony is blind or maybe glasses. Thank you everyone for all the love an support.

 April 12, 2012

 We got back from Portland at 2 in the morning, a long trip for sure. Anthony is doing so good he know weights 15 lbs 4 oz!!! We will be in Arcata this weekend 04/14/2012 for Anthony's fundraising event (thank you everyone who has helped set this up). We will be back in Portland on Friday 04/20/2012 for his 5 week mickey follow up and his ophthalmologist test to see if Anthony is blind or maybe glasses. Thank you everyone for all the love an support.

 April 6, 2012

Anthony at 10 months of age. He is still on donated breast milk and he is now much happier.  If anyone has milk that we can pick up please let us know. Anthony is doing great his weight is still 14 lbs 15 oz, but he is such a happy baby. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me, we have met so many moms because of Anthony our beautiful angel. We will be in Arcata, CA on Saturday for his Fundraiser, please stop by and say hi if you are in the area. Sending lots of Love.


March 29, 2012

Anthony is doing really bad since 9 pm last night he has thrown up about 9 times, he can't sleep and his stomach is really bloated. We are going to the doctors at 10 am. Please pray for him .Anthony has a fever of 100.7, the nurse doesn’t know why because he looks pretty good. He has no cold symptoms or anything. We will just keep an eye on him and if he keeps throwing up or keeps getting a fever we will go back but for now, we will just watch him.

 March 27, 2012

 Anthony at 9 1/2 months old. Love his hair :)

Photo: Anthony sleeping. Bad hair day :) I love this picture

March 20, 2012

 Great news we can go home ! Anthony did so good with the micro lipids he hasn't thrown up and he slept really good. Doctor just came in and said good job for suggesting micro lipids he is doing really good. So now we will start packing to go home. He will be on the machine for 24 hours for a few days until he can tolerate more mouth feeds. I want to thank everyone who has prayed for us and visited us at the hospital. Thank you for the donations, warm meals, and clothing. Oh and Leslie and Justin an extra thank you for the turtle toy I can't express how much he loves that. This is the first toy he has ever played with.

 March 18, 2012

Today we did a good deed. We over heard a lady talking about her niece and how she had a kidney transplant and it didn't work and now they will be flying the girl to California for another kidney transplant. She is only 11 years old. her father has no money and doesn't have any family in California. All night I kept thinking of this family so I went to there room and gave them money and half the food that was donated to us. The look in their face was priceless. Please pray for this little girl, I wasn't able to get her name, they were about to take her away when I arrived.

 March 18, 2012

Anthony was able to tolerate 40 ml an hour with the machine. So our next goal is at 9 am we will try feeding him by mouth 2 oz if he can't finish it by mouth we will do bolus (left over will go in the tube it's much faster than with the machine ). At 12 we will do 3 oz, 3pm we will do 4 oz and 6 pm we will do another 4 oz then at 9 pm we will put him back on the machine for 10 hours at roughly a little less than 2 oz per hour. And then we start this all over. This will be his eating schedule for today and tomorrow. This is 33 oz total of donated breast milk a day. 

 March 17, 2012

Anthony is doing so much better, we are going to stay at least one more day. My plans is to have him be monitored by the doctors today if everything goes well then I want to ask the doctor if we can stay an extra day and I will do everything. If Anthony doesn't need any help from the nurses on Sunday then I will feel comfortable leaving on Monday morning.

March 17, 2012.

The family is in Portland once again, at OHSU. Anthony had surgery on March 15, to have a g-tube placed in his stomach for feeding.

Anthony's g-tube. This goes is inside him, and gets mother's milk to his tummy.
The surgery was supposed to be a 20 minute procedure. However, Anthony kept holding his breath (this is something he's been doing since birth), so the medical team kept a close watch on him, and took longer than usual. He was in surgery for 2 hours and 20 minutes. Needless to say, Yecenia, Miguel, and both grandmothers were quite worried the whole time.

Anthony made it through the surgery, and is doing well. He is in a lot of pain, however. They are trying not to give him too much morphine, but he is getting some for pain management. Yecenia posted a video of him. As you can see, he's not doing too well:

As well, here are some photos of him post-surgery:

Anthony has been getting a little bit of breast milk through his new tube. They started him with just 10 ml of milk per hour, and slowly increased it in 10 ml increments. He tolerated his food just fine, until they got to 50 ml. Then he began to throw up blood (the blood is in his stomach, left over from surgery). The family is supposed to go home tomorrow (March 18), but Yecenia isn't comfortable with the idea of him throwing up blood on the long drive home. So she will ask if they can stay one more day.

Anyone in the area who wishes to stop by is more than welcome to do so. The Rodriguez's love the company, and Yecenia considers this lovely community of supporters to be family. Anthony is in room 19, 9th floor of OSHU. Donations of breast milk will gladly be accepted, as well as anything else you wish to bring. Yecenia, Miguel, and both grandmas don't want to go too far from their little guy, so they've been eating in the cafeteria. We all know how expensive hospital food is, so snacks are greatly appreciated.

The past few days have been difficult for the family, but you are all helping them stay strong. Thank you for your prayers, well wishes, visits, and for checking in. Your kindness means the world to Yecenia and Miguel, and Anthony is truly blessed to be so well loved!

Keep checking back for updates. Yecenia has only her phone for internet access, but we will update this blog as information comes in. As well, she is checking in on Facebook whenever she can.

March 10th, 2012


More info about Anthonys Up coming surgery for March.15th Video Above!!!

Thank you everyone for the support.There were times that I was convinced by "professionals" that I was doing the worst thing for my son's health by giving him donors milk, but my mother instincts was telling me and showing me that this was the best for him. I can't thank you enough for the support, love, and prayers. Truly every donated ounce of breast milk is saving Baby Anthony's life.

March 9th, 2012

Local Koin 6 news did a news report about Anthony. Please keep posted for the vidoes!! Here are some of the amazing photos of the amazing donor moms and babies.

From youngest to oldest Anthony is second to oldest in this photo, at 9 months of age and is the smallest.
This should give you an idea of just how small he really is!!!

Just some of the amazing moms that have donated to help save anthonys life. With over a day's supply of milk being donated the day of the interview with Koin 6 just from these local Angels!

March 9th, 2012

We are on our way to OHSU in Portland. We should be pulling in later today. Anthony has pulled out his tube yet again and only took in 17oz of milk. He just turned 9 months old on the 5th. So we are hoping they will move up the surgery. We wont know the times or dates untell later day after meeting with the doctors. We are in hope they will move up the surgery so Anthony doesn't suffer anymore. If anyone is in the Portland/vancouver area and has frozen or fresh milk to share please contact with our drop centers moms on our blog here: http://milkforbabyanthony.blogspot.com/p/donation.html  We have Amanda in Portland and Laura Moore in Vancouver. If u have fresh please call my cell phone at: 541-591-5507 And we can see about meeting you or your more then welcome to come up to OHSU and meet us and Anthony! We will try and keep everyone posted on our facebook page as soon as we know more. Thank u everyone for your loving support and prayers.

February 22, 2012.

There has been some talk that Anthony doesn't need milk any more. No, this is not true at all!!! We have drop centers set up across the state. We need as much milk as we can get! If you can help please let us know. Anthony will be 9 months old and is solely surviving on breast milk at this point through a feeding tube.

February 21, 2012.

When Anthony was weighed on the 14th last week, he was 15 pounds, 4 ounces! This is all because of donor milk, and the Rodriguez family is so grateful for your donations, and for your support! It really is taking a village to raise their little boy, and they cannot thank you enough.

Last week, the family headed to Medford for an appointment. There, it was determined that Anthony is in the 7th percentile for his weight, and 5th percentile for his height. This is all thanks to mother's milk! There is still a long way for him to go, but he's on the charts and Yecenia and Miguel couldn't be more thrilled! Anthony had to switch to a preemie nipple for his feedings; he gets about 2 ounces of milk by mouth, and the rest goes in through his feeding tube. They also found out he has muscle stiffness; more to come on what will be done to help with that. During this visit, they were also able to get some donor milk from nearby moms - 120 ounces of fresh, and 200 ounces of frozen. What a blessing! 

Yesterday, Anthony threw up with such force that his NG tube came out. The family decided to feed him by mouth until they were able to get to the doctor's office to have it put back in. Even though Miguel knows how to do it himself, Yecenia isn't comfortable putting it in without supervision. They went to the clinic today, which was very stressful. It took two hours to have the tube put back in, because the tube kept coming out from Anthony's mouth. He kept choking, and would stop breathing and turn purple. Understandably, Yecenia was in tears! But, it's in! His current weight is 15 pounds, 1 ounce. Yesterday, he only took 20 ounces with a bottle, and lost four ounces.

The family will be back in Medford on Friday. Anyone wishing to meet with them is welcome to - keep posted for more details! Also, people have been asking for baby items that can be donated. Please check the Other Ways to Help tab for an updated list. Also, Yecenia has put together a registry through Target. This is just to give you an idea of what's needed - by all means, please don't feel obligated to buy anything there. Hand me downs are graciously accepted! You can view the registry by clicking here.

Many thanks for your continued support. Whether you are donating milk, money, or baby items, spreading the word about Anthony, or just sending love and well wishes, it is all appreciated. If you haven't already done so, please check out the Pictures and Videos tab for a little cuteness to brighten your day!

February 13, 2012.
Anthony has been doing so good with breast milk. I have been getting so many moms and dads supporting Anthony, I can't express how much this means to us. He will be getting his weight checked tomorrow, I am happy to say he is no longer wearing size 1 diapers! This is a huge milestone for us. We had a bit of a struggle yesterday, he is getting lots of flames because of the feeding tube and yesterday he threw up with such force that the tube almost came out. I am so thankful for my husband and my family. I don't know what I would do if I was alone and his tube would have come out. We have an appointment on the 17th in Medford with the speech pathologist to see if we can introduce solids. I really hope we can. Thank you everyone for the prayers and donations. I am truly blessed!

February 3, 2012.

This is so hard for me to write. I have been dreading this update for weeks, but now I have no other choice. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to refuse milk for Anthony. I can no longer afford the shipping cost to have milk sent to me. This milk has saved my child's life for the past few months. He has even gained a pound in less than a week.

We have emptied out our savings account, maxed out three credit cards, and are moving out of our house to save money for Anthony. However, the expenses are adding up so quickly. We have so many appointments that we have to go to, and honestly, I don't even know how we'll be getting there.

I am on my last box of domperidone and can no longer afford it. I am stuck between buying more domperidone and trying to re-lactate (I have worked so hard for this) or trying to pay for shipping to save my son's life. I was in such desperation to get milk for my son that I even borrowed money from my family in Mexico.

I am writing this with tears in my eyes since I know mother's milk has literally saved my baby's life  and now we can't even afford to ship it. The added expense for special toys, diapers, transportation, and medical bills are adding up so fast, and the sad part is that we can't even buy the things he needs.

I only have about a month's supply left since he is now drinking more than 32 ounces a day and counting. I am terrified of going back on formula.

I am writing this in desperation to please help. If anyone has any fundraising ideas, or can even donate a dollar or two to help towards shipping.  I will be happy to post what the money is being used for. I just don't know what else to do. I can't express how embarrassed and ashamed I feel  that we can't afford to pay for things my son needs.

I want to thank everyone  who has helped and has donated to my son. Because of you, he is a happy baby and I can never repay  for what you're doing to save his life.

- Yecenia

Here is a paypal button or her email if you would like to donate funds via PayPal: yeceniababy1@gmail.com

January 26, 2012.

After watching his weight for a couple of weeks, Anthony has been hospitalized. His weight was fluctuating, and today he was only 13 pounds, 9 ounces - the same as he was two weeks ago.

He has been admitted to Sky Lake Hospital, here in Klamath Falls. He's getting breast milk through a feeding tube, and for now, we are playing a waiting game. The goal is to get him eating 32 ounces a day, and watch him to see what happens. Yecenia reports the doctors and nurses have been amazing, and really caring. One nurse was so concerned when Yecenia was crying today, that she even teared up herself. It sounds like Anthony is in wonderful hands!

The good news is that despite being hospitalized, Anthony remains his normal self. When he's awake he is an active little boy, kicking his feet and grabbing his hands. If anyone would like to visit, the family is in the Birth Center, room 2815. They love the company, so please feel free to call or stop by!

If anyone has milk for Anthony, there's no better time to donate! Let's get this sweet little guy's weight up, so he can go home! Also, check out the links on the side of the blog for Facebook updates and to donate money for Anthony's medical care.

Thanks again for supporting Anthony and the Rodriguez's.

January 24, 2012.

Update from Yecenia:

Anthony only had 22 ounces L I am terrified that he will be hospitalized. I am a very selfish person. I don’t want to suffer anymore and every time Anthony has to be hospitalized I feel horrible, depressed, and useless.

Here are the plans for the next few days.

Anthony has early intervention today at 1:00pm. I am excited because we will finally start helping Anthony. Anthony gained 15 gr a day, an average baby should gain 30 grams a day but Anthony is in fast mode so it needs to be a lot more than 30 grams. We have 2 more days for him to gain weight. If he does not gain weight he will be hospitalized on Thursday.

On Saturday of last week we went to a “sobador”. He adjusted Anthony’s jaw and massaged him. After a few hours Anthony had a better latch and ate a little more. I am hopeful that he will be eating more and gain the weight he needs to.

I will keep everyone posted. 

January 20, 2012.

Update from Yecenia's Facebook:

Just left the doctor's. I feel helpless right now and it's heartbreaking. Anthony has lost weight and he may need to go back to the hospital. They are giving us three days for him to put on weight. Monday, first thing, we will be back at the hospital here in Klamath Falls, and if he has lost even more weight then he will be admitted right away. The plan is to put a feeding tube in and start giving him mother's milk that way.

January 19, 2012.

It's been a rough few days, and Yecenia is worried about her little man. He's only been eating 17 - 18 ounces a day in the past 4-5 days. Tomorrow, if there's no change, the family will be headed to the ER. Right now, he's sleeping a lot and not wanting to eat. Things seem to be going downhill. If anyone has any suggestions, or would like to just offer support, please don't hesitate.

As always, thank you for keeping Anthony in your thoughts and prayers. Here's hoping things start to turn around!

January 12, 2012.
After a LONG drive (almost 12 hours) with stops in between to pick up milk, and feed and change Anthony, the family is home. Big apologies for anyone they missed. They wanted to meet with a lot of other local families, but in between getting lost and some scheduling, they couldn't get to everyone. For those they missed, please keep your milk for next time!

For a more in depth look at Anthony's medical condition, check out the new tab. Also, the family is selling some of their stuff to raise money for Anthony's therapies. There's a page for that as well, which will be updated.

Thanks for checking in!

January 10, 2012. 4:45 pm.

Anthony and family are running a little bit late - there was an accident, and traffic is putting them behind. For anyone meeting the family in Eugene, please know they'll be at Gateway Mall around 6:30. Look out for their van:

The family didn't get to see everyone they wanted to during their trip. If they missed you, they are terribly sorry and hope you'll hold onto your milk and keep it frozen until their next visit in a month or so. More updates to follow...

January 10, 2012.

Anthony and family are still in Portland at this time. They should be leaving soon. If you have milk and haven't connected with the family, please make it to one of the drop off locations. The family was up until midnight last night, driving all over Portland picking up milk. It was really hard on them after just getting out of OHSU, and poor Anthony doesn't do well with driving in the car.

So, please take a peek at the donation page and see if there's a mom in your area that you can drop off milk to. This will really help the family. As of right now, they will be heading to the Vancouver drop center, and then back south to home. n

Don't forget they will be needing support at OHSU when they come back in a month, so feel free to keep bringing milk to the Portland drop centers. Also, Laura in Vancouver will be shipping out milk from Portland weekly so Anthony has fresh milk.

Thanks again for all of your invaluable support!

January 9, 2012. 9:00 pm 

Anthony and family got out of OHSU a lot later than expected, but they are no longer at the hospital! They are staying the night at the Ronald McDonald House in Portland. In the morning, they are headed to Vancouver, WA to pick up milk from a couple of moms, and then they will head home.

If you're in the Vancouver area and would like to donate, please contact Laura Moore (htttp://facebook.com/mrs.lauramoore) She will be taking on going donations of fresh milk for Anthony from any local moms, and will send out shipments once a week.

If anyone has milk for Anthony, please call Yecenia right away so they can coordinate a pick up! 541-591-5507

January 9, 2012.

From Yecenia, around 1:00 pm:

We still haven't been discharged and it's looking more like 3-4 this afternoon! We plan on staying the night at the Ronald McDonald House. Tonight, and in the morning we are going to connect with everyone in Portland/Vancouver and then head south in the morning (tomorrow). We plan on making stops in Eugene, Salem, Grantspass, and then home! We want to set up the drop centers in one place. We are thinking Fred Myers or Wal-Mart, something close to I-5. I'll take a look at what is close and then post the location and drop off times when I get a chance. Still haven't had time to do anything else as we are still at OHSU with Anthony.

January 9, 2012.

The following were posted to Yecenia's Facebook wall:

Anthony's weight for today: 13 pounds, 7 ounces. WOW! Just from getting him on fresh milk. :)
Thank you to all the moms who came and helped him. This is something that I could never repay. I never once felt alone while being in Portland. I have had so much support and help. I don't know what I would have done without all your help and prayers. You will always be part of Anthony's life. (Happy tears - I am glad no one is seeing me cry while I am typing this.)

... and then a few hours later:

We should be able to go home today! Anthony did great, so we will be discharged at around noon. If anyone wants to bring frozen or fresh milk to OHSU now until then that would be great! If you can't make it and still have milk to donate, please call me and we can see about meeting you. 541-591-5507

Again, thank you everyone for all the support and love. We couldn't have done it without you!

January 8, 2012.

Great news: Anthony's doing so well that he's most likely going to be discharged tomorrow! The doctors are allowing them to keep feeding him as they have been: three ounces of fresh milk (with a bit of formula) every three hours. At this point, they are so confident in his progress that they do not have to tube feed him! The Rodriguez's are thrilled with this news! Right now, he weighs in in at 13 pounds, 4 ounces. If he gains four more ounces, then it will be exactly one pound gained in a week! Yecenia told me that the hospital staff haven't done anything extra with Anthony's intake - all of his weight gain is due to the fresh milk he's been receiving. We hope all of you milk donors know how amazing your contributions have been.

The family is almost guaranteed to be going to be discharged tomorrow. Better yet, their next visit is in three months. They are so relieved they don't have to come back every week, as the hospital is an eight hour drive from their home town. After they leave the hospital, the Rodriguez's will stay in Portland one extra night in order to coordinate milk pick ups. If anyone has milk to donate, please email or message Yecenia (yeceniababy1@gmail.com) as soon as possible so they can arrange a pick up as they head home. (The family will be heading down the I-5.)

Yecenia also wanted to extend a big thank you to everyone who has sent monetary donations. The family will be taking Anthony to cranium therapy to help shape his brain. This is all natural therapy with no drugs, and thus not covered by insurance. The money that's been donated is enough to cover cost of the  two appointments. Anthony will also be doing some early intervention classes to help with his milestones and development. Anyone who wants to make any contributions can check the Donations tab for information on how to do so (through Paypal or by mail).

We hope you're all enjoying a lovely weekend. Thanks again for supporting Anthony and checking his blog and Facebook page!

January 7, 2012. 10:00 pm

Currently, the doctors are focused on nutrition and tracking weight gain. Anthony's intake has gone from 4 ounces of breast milk with an added teaspoon of formula every three hours to 3 ounces (with a teaspoon of formula) every two hours because he's so hungry. Anthony is struggling a little bit with the formula. It's hard on his little tummy, and difficult for him to digest. His current weight is 12 pounds, 15 ounces - not much, but he's been spitting up a lot. Tomorrow, they will make a decision about whether or not to start tube feeding.

All of Anthony's blood work has come back normal. They will also be doing a chromosome test to see if there are any abnormalities in his genes. For now, we wait for the results of some other testing that's been done.

If you haven't already, check out the new tab with pictures. More will be added as they're posted to Facebook from Anthony's visitors.  With most of the tests complete, there won't be too much to report in the following days, but be sure to keep checking back. Any information or pictures will be posted as often as possible.

When I spoke with Yecenia today, she was in good spirits. She says this is because of the support her family's been receiving. It is an eight hour drive from Klamath Falls to Portland, and the Rodriguez's have no family or friends in the area. However, there have been so many phone calls, emails, and visits from people who care about Anthony that they haven't felt alone once. It's truly amazing that so many strangers from around the world have come together to offer love and hope to a little boy. It's been said many times on this blog, but thank you, everyone! Yecenia considers all of you family, and the Rodriguez's hold you dear in their hearts.

January 7, 2012. 6:30 am

Quick update: Anthony started on 25 grams of formula added to 4 ounces of breast milk for his first meal at 11 pm with no spit ups. His second meal at 2 am unfortunately had spit ups, like when he was on formula in the past. Doctors have told me to go back to just breast milk until they recalculate something. The hope was that he would accept just a little. More updates to follow.

They upped Anthony's feedings to 6 ounces every 3 hours, and fresh milk is in low supply. If anyone can help us out with fresh milk or cooler packs to keep the milk cold, it would be greatly appreciated! Please call 541-591-5507 and feel free to come up any time! (If you're bringing milk, please do so discreetly!)

January 6, 2012. 6:00 pm

Wow, so many updates today! :)

Yecenia informed us that some more tests have concluded that Anthony also has septo-optic dysplasia. This is a condition where vision in each eye can be somewhat compromised.

The tests from Anthony's swallowing test are in. It was discovered Anthony isn't processing food right. He sucks in air during his feeds, and it takes him too long to process the food he's getting. Often, his little tummy is tricked into feeling full when it actually is not. His food isn't digested as quickly as other babies, and the reason why he was having so much trouble with formula and spitting up so often is because formula is not as easily digested as breast milk. Moving forward, the medical staff is adding a teaspoon of formula to his breast milk  for some added calories. Anthony's weight will be monitored in the coming days before deciding on the next steps. They may decide to tube feed him, and are considering medication to fix his digestion problem. Some hormone tests are also being done.

For anyone who missed the announcement on Facebook, Yecenia is requesting 3/6 month boys long sleeve shirts, onesies, babylegs etc from anyone in the Portland area. They need shirts that can easily be pulled up for testing and the doctors, or shirts that unbutton in the front. The doctors have been cutting some of his clothes, and the little guy is getting cold. Old, even stained, clothes that aren't being used anymore are greatly appreciated! The family is also requesting juice from anyone coming to OHSU to visit.

Thanks again for checking in, and for all the love. Yecenia has a video of baby Anthony that we're all dying to see. It'll be posted as soon as it reaches us! Until then, here's a photo with some lovely gifts from thoughtful visitors.

Anthony with flowers and a bear - sent with warm love, support, and prayers from Connie Clarstrom and family.
Thank you, Clarstrom family!

January 6, 2012. 3:00 pm
Note from Mom: The Staff at hospital have been so amazing and very helpful I feel like we are in safe hands. Thank you everyone for the amazing support that I received from all moms, even though we do not share the same blood I feel like we are all family and I am blessed to have met and talked to wonderful souls. Thank you Donna Luangmany and Laura Moore for helping with my e-mails and blogs. I sent lots of love to everyone who has been here for us.

January 6, 2012.

Good morning, everyone! Some wonderful news to share, and the day is just getting started!

The Rodriguez family got into the Ronald McDonald House last night, so everyone - Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma all have a place to shower and sleep. Yecenia hasn't left Anthony's side much, though - she's been at the hospital with him, taking short breaks.

More tests are being done today. Anthony is doing his eye test with the ophthalmologist, as well his swallow and hormone tests.

He hasn't eaten much the past couple of days, due to being put out for the MRI, and getting into the hospital. But this morning, as of 8 am, he had already had 11.5 ounces of fresh milk! He wanted more, but they had to cut him off for some of the upcoming tests. Anthony LOVES his fresh milk, sucking back 9 oz in no time. What a hungry little boy! Yecenia is so excited.

They've been checking his weight since arriving at the hospital, and he's been making some improvements:
Jan 4th: 12 pounds, 0.98 oz
Jan 5th: 12 pounds, 0.105 oz
Jan 6th: 13 pounds, 0.01 oz

The family will be discharged from the hospital this weekend, or early next week at the latest. Any local moms in the area are encouraged to donate fresh milk - as you can see, it is helping Anthony out so much! Once again, Yecenia would like to offer her gratitude to all the moms supporting her, especially the local ones. You've all made her feel so much better during the past few days!

January 5, 2012.

A quick update from Yecenia...

Anthony had an MRI today. The results came back, and his brain is shaped abnormally, and he is missing his corpus callosum. That's a thick band of nerves which connects the left and right sides of the brain to each other and allows them to communicate. This is a rare disorder, which occurred during pregnancy. As a result, there can be developmental delays (such as hand-eye coordination and sitting up) and problems with feeding. The great news is that this is not a fatal condition, and people can go on to lead normal lives with average intelligence. Anthony will just develop at a slower rate than babies his age.

At this time, Anthony's brain growth is behind. Although there is some damage to his brain, it's hard to tell how much because he's so young. Only time, and some more tests will tell. The Rodriguez's will be coming to OHSU in Portland often (at least month a month, maybe once a week) to help develop his brain.

Anthony also has some optic nerve damage, and his sight range is that of a two month old's. They are also working with an opthalmologist. The good news is that he shows signs of not being completely blind! His eyes are still growing, and he may be able to further develop his sight. More tests will be done tomorrow.

For some more good news, the family was accepted into Ronald McDonald House! Their stay there begins January 6, 2012. They may be in the area for another one to two weeks.

As we move forward, donated milk is needed, because only breast milk contains antibodies, as well fatty acids which will help his brain develop to its fullest capacity. Fresh milk is the best, because some of the nutrients are lost in freezing and storing (though any breast milk is better than none!). Yecenia is working hard at pumping whatever she can, and bringing in fresh milk. The doctors believe there may be some damage to his esophagus due to some irritation from formula feeding - more tests will be run to see how much damage there is. As we get more volunteers for drop centers, we'll post that information.

Please continue to send the Rodriguez family your love and support. Right now, they are spending some time together as a family so they may not get back to you right away, but know that your messages are being received. And as always, a huge thank you to those of you who are pumping, shipping, picking up or dropping off milk. Your efforts are appreciated more than you'll know.  

YOU are giving the Rodriguez family hope!

January 5, 2012.

It's been a busy and stressful couple of days. Last night, the family arrived at the hospital. The medical staff have been giving them a hard time about bringing in the donor milk for Anthony, even though he's been doing so well on it! Yecenia had to sign some papers saying she's aware of the risk of transmitted HIV. They are going to make a decision soon about whether or not this milk is allowed. Until then, he's being fed every two hours with it. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that Anthony can have his donor milk. If not, the hospital won't allow access to their freezer. In that case, local donors would be recruited to store the milk. Because of this, fresh milk is needed badly!

They have been doing blood work and tests on Anthony. Blood was drawn yesterday and today, so it can be compared. Anthony's also had an MRI (which he was put out for). He will be seen by an eye doctor, as well as a speech doctor because they are concerned about how he's sucking.

A social worker will be meeting with the family, to see what can be done in the community to raise awareness. Right now, they are in a room at the hospital with a shower. This is great news, because it means they don't have to spend money on a hotel! Still waiting to see if there's a room available at the Ronald McDonald House.

For anyone who wants to come and visit, they are located at:

Dornbeckers Children's Hospital
9th Floor, North Wing, Room 43
Patient: Anthony Rodriguez

They would love the company, and snacks and sandwiches are appreciated! Also, Yecenia left her domperidone at home and is in great need. If any local moms have some extra, it would be appreciated! She's been getting out a few drops of milk while pumping, but not even half an ounce. Still, it's better than nothing!!!

Thanks again for checking in, and for all of your continued support.

Anthony in the hospital, January 4.

The picc line is for an IV. His hand is too small for it!

January 4, 2012.

Just a quick update about Anthony's doctors and medical condition:

Anthony was diagnosed with Failure to Thrive (FTT) some time ago, by his old doctor. This was the doctor treated Anthony as though he had FTT and nothing more. He wasn't listening to anything that was going on, and eventually dropped them. The new doctor they switched to went back through all of Anthony's old files and took a closer look at everything.

One of the reasons they believe Anthony may have FTT is because babies with this condition lose weight first and then slow down in growth. This affects their brain and eye sight.

Anthony's sight was affected, and then his brain. After, his body wasn't growing and he started to lose weight. The doctor said this should have been noticed right away. So, Anthony has been slowly dying and it wasn't until he finally put on weight with his donor milk that they felt things were getting better. He went from 11 to 13 pounds in 2 weeks with donor milk!

Doctors believe that if Anthony has this illness, it has everything to do with his brain. He may have other issues with his intestines, and allergies to formula, but they believe a lot of the issues are from his brain. If it wasn't for the breast milk and weight he packed on right before taking a turn for the worse, he might be even worse off than he is right now!

THANK YOU to all the milk donors and everyone for their support!

January 3, 2012.

We have sad news to share about Anthony! It is taking all of me to share this update and to ask for prayers and support.

Anthony has taken a turn for the worst. Today, we were told that he may have a terminal illness. As of tomorrow, he will be admitted to the OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland. There, they will be intubating him, tube feeding, and running tests of all kinds (MRIs, etc.). As of right now, the doctors aren't sure if he has this illness or something else. We are holding hope and welcoming prayers for Anthony while we wait for confirmation. If they confirm that he is terminally ill, Anthony may need surgery. Only time will tell what can be done for him.

Health-wise, this is what we know: he has dropped even more weight, which is putting his little life at risk. He's taking in even more breast milk than ever before - up to 34 oz a day! - which we have been so happy with. This is compared to 18 oz of formula, just a month ago. This weight loss has come to us as a shock. He has been doing so well on his donor breast milk. He has been more active than ever, turning his head to sounds, kicking, and even making sounds himself!

Even with this, they believe his illness has to do with his brain. We were told today his brain isn't growing. His skill isn't growing and the soft spot on his skull is fusing together. Anthony is now 7 months old and weighs in at 12 pounds, 8 ounces. With his brain not growing and the soft spot fusing together, it might be putting pressure on his brain and skull. We won't have any real answers until they run the tests. He hasn't grown in length much and is the size of a newborn still, at 7 months of age.

We know that breast milk is what has kept him going this far. At this point, the doctors told us they are going to start working with us. They will be tube feeding and adding extra calories to the donor milk in hopes that something might work for him while running all the tests and MRIs. Our new doctor has been amazing and we have been blessed that someone is finally listening to us and helping Anthony. This doctor has honestly listened to me and is not just labelling my son with Failure to Thrive, but instead taking a closer look at what's going on to find out if he is terminally ill.

If Anthony needs surgery of any kind, we are going to be in desperate need of freshly pumped milk, as it will have the most antibodies to fight off infection and give him the best chance. Again, we won't know anything until all the tests come back. Until then, we are going to be on pins and needles, waiting for information.

As of right now, they told us to expect to be staying awhile, if not for a week or indefinitely. They are working on getting us a place at the Ronald McDonald House in Portland. We don't have a freezer, and until a place opens at the Ronald McDonald House for us, we will be in hotels. We may have to reach out to our local donors and ask for help to make sure Anthony gets all the milk he needs.

Please know what your prayers and thoughts mean to us and Anthony. We are doing all we can for our child and I thank each and every mother that understands where we are coming from and what we are doing, and finds it in their heart to donate what little milk they have to help my child. I'll try and keep everyone posted but it looks like we will be taking things day to day.

If you are in the local Vancouver or Portland area, and can pump fresh or drop off any milk to our drop centers, it would be a big help! I know we can pick up and transport it to the hospital to give to Anthony! I can't thank everyone enough for taking the time to follow the updates and keeping Anthony in your prayers. If there is any time he needs your help and prayers, it is now. Please keep praying for him and for me to be strong!

December 22, 2011.

We talked to a nurse today who will be helping Anthony with his milestones. She said she'll be working closely with Anthony's new doctor so I am excited that people are finally listening to our concerns. I was very excited today, because when the nurse was checking Anthony's eyes, he reacted to the light! He hasn't done that better, so I am hoping that he isn't completely blind, or better yet, not blind at all!

I am a little concerned about his weight, though. He was weighed today, and was only 12 pounds, 10 ounces. I don't understand this, because he has gone from 20 ounces (formula with lots of spit ups) to around 30 ounces with no spit ups. He has been a lot more active, so maybe he's burning a lot of calories. I am hoping for him to start gaining more weight. 

Also, today I received a package with milk and a $50 money order. It was such a blessing because I have been looking for a deep freezer to store all of Anthony's milk but they were too expensive and we couldn't afford it. Today, my friend let me know that she was selling her deep freezer for $50 (I had literally received the money order an hour before). So now, I have a deep freezer to store all the milk!

December 20, 2011.

We finally have a doctor for Anthony here in Klamath Falls. I had many people say that she is a really good doctor. I am hoping that once she sees him, we will be referred to the Children's Hospital in Portland. We are hoping to be heading there in the next few weeks.

Anthony has been slowing increasing his milk intake from 20 ounces of formula to now approximately 30 ounces. He is a much happier baby! We will be selling all our stuff and moving in with my parents. Every penny we save could go towards shipping for Anthony's milk. I thank all the moms for helping us and praying for Anthony's health.

December 18, 2011.

My friend Laurie just came back from Roseburg and Grantspass. She was able to bring 562 ounces of donated milk. Thank you, moms for all the donations. I can't express how much this means to us!

Anthony is doing great on all the love and support from our donors and from everyone offering their prayers. His intake has jumped from 18 ounces a day up to 27 ounces a day since he started getting breast milk donations. Keep in mind it's has only been a couple weeks! He is starting to put on weight and we are hoping this is a good sign of him bulking up before he starts to grow again. He's still about the length of a newborn so we can't express what all this has given us as parents. He's gone from taking 6 hours to eat just 4 ounces of formula to downing his donor mommy milk in just a few minutes. He's not turning away from feedings and is excited for his next meal. It's amazing to us to see our baby really eating. It has made us realize just how sick our baby was and what all our donors have given to our child: LIFE! We are still in need of breast milk donations. I am trying as hard as I can to get my milk back in, but until then, if I can get any milk back in (?), my son's life is in the hands of each mother that donates! I am not sure if anyone would ever understand what each ounce means to our family and to my son but all we can say is thank you with all our hearts. Thank you for the support and for helping me fight to keep my son alive!

Little Anthony is doing AMAZING, as you can see in the video above...
He is putting on weight and coming alive before our eyes.

December 14, 2011.

We are in search of a donor milk-friendly paediatrician in the Klamath Falls, OR area, or as far as Medford, OR. Our son's doctor doesn't want to work with us and has since dropped him. We need a doctor that will listen to us and work with us to keep our son healthy and thriving.

On December 14, our son's paediatrician called the house and cancelled the pending appointment that day. We were also notified that she saw the news report and would no longer treat Anthony. We were in total shock as our son is so ill and needs medical attention. We are doing all we can to keep our son going at this point. There was no referral put in, or suggestions to other doctors. The very next day, we got the following notice in the mail:

I regret to inform you that I am withdrawing from all professional care for Anthony. This decision was made based on the recent events revolving around soliciting breast milk for Anthony without my knowledge. It is clear to me that you are in disagreement with my recommendations and not following my instructions. I do not feel I can provide adequate medical care for Anthony if you do not trust my professional judgement.

I will be available to see Anthony on an emergency basis until January 15.

As parents, we are doing all we can to keep our baby going. It's disheartening getting a call from a professional doctor who chooses to drop our sick infant due to our choice to try and save his life.

Thanks to mother's milk, in two weeks our son has jumped from 12 pounds to 14 pounds. With formula, it was only 3 ounces gained a month!